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My name is M. Scott Ault and I am.. The Ocean Cyclist!
    I'm going around the globe.. 40,000Km+ .. solo..
in a Pedal Powered Boat!!!

To Teach about Zero Waste.. To Teach about Cycling.. To Educate the Masses towards change!

    I have lived my life based around cycling and I lived my life according to the old addage- lead by example.. I have worked with numerous environmentalists and organisations. We are at a point where teaching and education needs IMMEDIACY.. and EcoFellowship needs to give way to EcoPUNK ideals and.. In Your Face attitudes!

I'm going Around The World.. in a Pedal Powered Boat..

To Teach Zero Waste Ideals
To Teach about Cycling
To Educate the Masses towards change!

    On my journey, I will be trailed by Ranmarine's "Waste Shark" that will clean a swath of Ocean as I go.. so my journey will be better than just Zero Waste.. it'll be Carbon Negative to be sure.

    I am a very diverse individual. Part musician, part author/ poet, part arist.. part sociologist (?!) and full on adventurelad.. I am bringining ALL of these aspects to play in order to get the message out to as many people as possible.. as often as possible. So, I'm going to...

  • Attempt to break some speed and distance cycling records, according to Guiness of course.
  • ReLaunch my radio show.. weekly variety covering ecologics and new music.. plus some other things
  • Record and Release (and tour to support) a Socio- Eco EP/ CD (uhm.. "album" for the older generation)
  • Launch weekly broadcast.. multimedia reality based.. Boat Builds, Bicycle photo shoots, educational segments and more.
  • Host fund raisers in tons of different communities and following many different themes/ ideas.
  • And So Much More...

        I make no apologies and I may be uncouth/ rough around the edges.. I don't give a fuck! The time for conversation with like minded individuals is over.. while "fellowship" is important, it's main purpose is to Go Out and Convert the Heathen!!! The time is NOW to act in any manner viable to convert populations to zero waste lifestyles.

    Text ‘ecopunk’ to 855-735-BIDR (2437)

    If we don't do it now.. then, WHEN?!

    **This website is, currently, under construction. New-ish layout coming shortly**