FREE bike shop rotating banner.. coming soon> Free Eco Listings!!!

My name is M. Scott Ault and I am.. The Ocean Cyclist!
    I'm going around the globe.. 40,000Km+ .. solo..
in a Pedal Powered Boat!!!

    The LBS Network is.. necessary. I shouldn't have to speak on about the minimal percentage that LBS's share.. but to flog a dead horse- Big Box Stores do far far more damage than simply stealing sales and general volumes from the LBS network.. the bikes they sell are inferior and do nothing to promote individuals from adopting a cyclistically oriented lifestyle!

For Starters
    Without watering down other, existent, directories.. I want to provide individuals with access information- how to find out about you. Starting off, this will be a very basic randomized HTML tag based rotating banner placement but in the very near future it will be upgraded wo be geo- tagged such that visitors will be provided with information on YOU should they be within earshot of you, so to speak.

And The Information..
    As an artist, I maintain membership in a variety of websites that provides me with access to other, similar, artists. And.. artists are- perpetually- starving for exposure so.. with an ever- increasing network of artists it is my hope to arrange visitation and documentation for viral output.. stills and video of your establishment(s) for consumer exposure.

    Nothing.. sort of. I am prepping a weekly POS positioned newsletter- a single 8.5" by 11" two sided sheet titled "The Bottom Bracket" that will feature cycling personalities, Zero Waste ideas, one EcoProject of need per issue, and some entertaining/ informative elements including, but not limited to, a tongue in cheek poke at "divination" (or, horroscopes). I ask, humbly, that Bike Shops print and fold the sheet placing them by their registers for customer collection. That's it.

Text ‘ecopunk’ to 855-735-BIDR (2437)