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My name is M. Scott Ault and I am.. The Ocean Cyclist!
    I'm going around the globe.. 40,000Km+ .. solo..
in a Pedal Powered Boat!!!

    25 years ago as I was cycling fromPeace River in Northern Alberta en route towards Rio for UNCED92/ Earth Summit, I realized something very important..

As Environmentalists.. we have been Divided.. and Conquored, thus far!

    As environmentalists, we need CONVERGEANCE.. we need to work together! The time for "nice" conversations and fellowship are over.. it's time to take our religion of greenism and spread it out about.. to convince the masses that have been dissuaded by lobbyists and advertorials that there is a better way!

For Starters
    I want to learn from Each and EVERY organisation irregardless of how large or small. I can learn just as much from WC2 as I can from a handful of individuals who are fighting the reidrection of a local creek. If you think otherwise, then perhaps you need to sit down and listen to the small cause because.. the small cause is just as important as the large and they maintain many of the same hurdles, roadblocks, and difficulties- namely, and most importantly...

Getting The Word OUT there!

And The Word Is..
    MEDIA! As an artist, I maintain membership in a variety of websites that provides me with access to other, similar, artists. And.. artists are- perpetually- starving for exposure so.. with an ever- increasing network of artists it is my hope to arrange visitation and documentation for viral output.. stills and video of your project for consumer exposure.

    Nothing.. sort of. I am prepping a weekly POS positioned newsletter- a single 8.5" by 11" two sided sheet titled "The Bottom Bracket" that will feature cycling personalities, Zero Waste ideas, one EcoProject of need per issue, and some entertaining/ informative elements including, but not limited to, a tongue in cheek poke at "divination" (or, horroscopes). I ask, humbly, that you print and fold the sheet placing them collection within your office and/ or community. That's it.

Text ‘ecopunk’ to 855-735-BIDR (2437)