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My name is M. Scott Ault and I am.. The Ocean Cyclist!
    I'm going around the globe.. 40,000Km+ .. solo..
in a Pedal Powered Boat!!!

    The Bottom Bracket is a weekly Point of Sale "pamphlet" measuring 8.5" x 11" sheet, double sided, tri- fold with personality profiles, Ocean Cyclist documentation(s), articles about going zero waste, and virally oriented incentives..

Personality Profiles
    With a focus on cyclists, our goal is to shed light~ weekly~ in different individuals who are heavily involved with cycling from any of many different angles. Proposed individuals for profile invclued "Bryce Triathlete," "Hampton Cycles," and many more..

OC Documentation
    Weekly documentation of growth and progress of the project as a whole. Content will include discoveries, speed bumps, and revelations.. even training notes. Anything viable for audience consumption.

Zero Waste
    While promotion of "zero waste" would initially subsume avoidance of printed output, there is a need to break out of the cyber world and reach people in the real world. As such, this single sheet is hoped to direct people to places of discovery. Providing readers with insight into simple zero waste modification considerations and where to learn more might promote the concept in general to a larger population.

    a tongue- in- cheek look at "divination." It's not serious but it's seriously fun.. with authorship by the inimitable "Mayhem and Mis Demeanor," two sardonic individuals that aim to wreack havoc and provide fun to read weekly installments.

ZeroCool (#0cool)
    Twitter posts from the real world that highlight either awesomeness of awesome fails. Send kudo's to those who have done good or make sure people who failed to do good know as well. Each issue will have a raffle.. the accounts of printed tweets will be entered in to a draw for a 250$ prize, when available.

    I make no apologies and I may be uncouth/ rough around the edges.. I don't give a fuck! The time for conversation with like minded individuals is over.. while "fellowship" is important, it's main purpose is to Go Out and Convert the Heathen!!! The time is NOW to act in any manner viable to convert populations to zero waste lifestyles.

If we don't do it now.. then, WHEN?!