I don’t really BLOG much.. not much for being in front of the camera so to speak.. so I’ve been wrestling with and trying to post here consistently.. but flailing. In all honesty, I don’t feel comfortable posting on my own website. My assumption is that it totally has to do with abuse and a life lived in self- depricating terms. So, I’m migrating all of my future posts to…


While this interface is, technically, better..  I find I am more comfortable posting over at my DeviantArt account. I’ve been a somewhat consistent member of that website for almost 20 years. Yes, the account is my Fine Art Nude showcase.. yes, you will have to register at the website to view the posts.. but I have people that have been following me~ and I, them~ for the duration and posting here negates or overlooks those relationships which are stronger. Some of them I am hoping to meet up with on my journey so you’ll get to meet them, too!

So, head over to Deviant Art and sign up.. follow me there.. Sponsorship options won’t go away here.. and I might have to rethink it all but I’ll be posting updates over there from this point on.