I need your help!

    A journey like this has many costs- predictable and not. Materlais.. equipment.. food.. COFFEE… Right now, I need to pick up some much- needed supplies like plywood.. epoxy.. screws.. nails.. things to build the hull out properly and then fully encase that structure with fibreglass.

This Level:

$2.5M USF ~ $6M USF

    This journey will be the very first FULLY CONNECTED circumnavigation and it is my interest and intent to leverage the Starlink Satellite Network for consistent, sensational, entertaining… and educational content broadcast that will inspire others to lead more sustainable lives. The purpose of The Executive Board of Sponsors is.. Chase Boat Purchase, Refit, and Funding.

The Levels
    • Executive Producer:    $  6M USF
            There can only be one… “Executive Producer” here. Your donation will be used to Purchase, Refit/ Repaint, and Operate the selected Chase Boat (it may, also, include travel to view the boat prior to purchase). The boat will be “soft renamed” and/ or visually branded in accordances with our agreement but the big thing is.. This Boat will carry a collection of Creatives, Eco Fiends, and other interested parties from Port to Port.. from Island to Island for Fun, entertaining, and educational content creation. I’m sure there will, also, be a large quantity of social media broadcast going on from Boat Decks..
            The Boat, itself.. will be large enough to cruise comfortably on the Open Ocean and navigate from Port to Port.. continent to continent. This means it’ll be about 200′ LOA (two hundred feet in length, over all) with a hoped- for passenger compliment of about 100 persons (that means it won’t be too “stuffy”) and.. obvie.. for real- time reality purposes.. some of the *passengers* may get Voted Off the Deck! So, social media will be interactive, real time, and a whole lot of fun for audience and passengers alike. This is not a “support boat” and it won’t be following with any close proximity.. but we will be *close enough* should an emergency arise that causes.. difficulty to me. The primary purpose of The Chase Boat is.. hauling various Creatives for landfall events, productions, and more.. and for en route social media involvement for consistency which ensures audience interactivity.
            Finally.. there are plethoric and myriad additional compensatory considerations that are afforded to the Executive Producer Sponsor.. we will discuss your involvement with the Project at length~ most likely via ZOOM~ such that you will be assured of a value added package throughout the next four years.

    • Producer:    $  4M USF
            Three and only three. Three producers are needed to ensure many aspects of this project. One being back up investment for surety of Chase Boat selection, purchase, and use. The Chase Boat is a pretty big consideration and it is, also, a super big cost.. Refitting a boat that big can be a daunting investment.. especially if it’s done the way I wanna do it- like, adding in a full, professional recording studio for musically inclined Creatives to work on compositional output throughout the two year journey.
            Wait.. what?!? Musicians??? Yeah.. I’ve already started spreading the word and my goal is to bring a small handful of musicians along.. to record collaboratively as well as on their own pieces. Kinda like 4AD did with “This Mortal Coilback in the day. Releasing individual songs, “EP’s” worth of music, and~ ideally~ complete Albums during the journey and participating in a travelling Festival styled production.. all purposed for~ both~ audience outreach and fiscal growth of This Project.
            Other Creatives on board will be tasked with documentation, visual creation, and many other tasks pertinent to the production of their work.. and all *passengers* that are onboard will be part of The Crew. You can come along too.. if you like (obvie!).
            As above, so here.. there are so many different things to talk about and think about with regards to compensation for the Producer Category.. far more than I can pen out in one simple and eye- catching page. This little web page is, afterall, mainly purposed to introduce and initiate a conversation. 

    • Director:    $  2.5M USF
            There will be no more than ten… although “more cooks in the kitchen” can ruin a stock.. and more directors can kill a shot.. your financial investment will provide surety for celebrity endorsements, public interactions, and some majorly important project growth and development options.
            Your involvement will allow me to reach out to creatives in many various fields.. Hand Crafters, Visual Artists.. Performance Artists.. Body Painters.. even the models who let bodypainters.. paint on them. Over the next year or two, I’ll be networking with interested individuals for Remote Production, Interactive Involvement, and in person sessions.. all leading to the possibility of Them Coming With… in the Chase Boat.. and reaching new audiences for their work.. their passion.. their creativity. 
            Again.. As above, so too here… your involvement is crucial to project growth and development.. and compensation for your involvement will be diverse and broad. As such- this page is meant as a primer to get you the briefest bits of information so that we can talk~ at length (and most probably via ZOOM~ regarding your involvement in The Project.


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