I need your help!

A journey like this has many costs- predictable and not. Materlais.. equipment.. food.. COFFEE… Right now, I need to pick up some much- needed supplies like plywood.. epoxy.. screws.. nails.. things to build the hull out properly.

And in the very near future I’ll be needing to pick up some things like Android based tablets and tethered webcams for navigation since I’ll be in an “enhanced” recumbent position, I’ll be using tech gadgets for Live Views of the world around me. I’ll also need a whole slew (that’s a technical quantity 😉 ) of rechargable batteries.. a Bank of Cells that I’ll be charging and using on a daily basis for laptop.. tablets.. safety.. internet.. and more

Let’s start with..

Logo+ on my Boat..
Choose from:
    â†’Basic Biz Card (2″ x 3.5″)
    â†’Double The Space (4″ x 3.5″)
    â†’Double w/ QR Code (4″ x7.5″)

and you can place that image.. card.. graphic of yours on The Side of the Boat or The Deck of the Boat (which includes the cabin sides/ top). All payments are processed by my Shopify powered website.. choose at right and help me out!
Please Note: Unless specified, spacial placement is on the side of the hull, above waterline but below gunwales.

Classic Sponsorship Options coming.. soon!