Global Circumnavigation..
..by Pedal Power!

   My name is M. Scott Ault and I’m going to be the first person ever to fully circumnavigate the globe in a Pedal Powered Boat!

    The boat will be 100% Pedal Propelled.. and 100% Powered By Pedalling.. and I’ll be in it for about 45,000Km!

More Details

Circumnavigation For Sustainability

    It’s my goal to promote Sustainability to a wider audience through sensational things like… pedalling this tiny boat entirely around the world!

45,000 Km… Solo… 

    The journey will start in Vancouver, BC, Canada in the early spring of 2024 and I’ll be tracing a line mostly Westward passing by New Zealand, Australia, India, Egypt, Spain.. eventually right back to Vancouver and.. home.

The Boat

    It started off as a 16′ open cockpit recreational kayak but after lengthening and strengthening.. she’s about 22 feet long and will soon be fully enclosed for Open Ocean passage.

    And.. My journey just might be the very first Fully Connected Circumnavigation.. ever.. it looks like I’ll be Digitally ConnectedStarlink has planned an upgrade to their existing satellite network to take place by January of 2023 that will give coverage throughout my entire route! all the time for live, 24-7 Updates on route and.. more!!!