I need your help!

    A journey like this has many costs- predictable and not. Materlais.. equipment.. food.. COFFEE… Right now, I need to pick up some much- needed supplies like plywood.. epoxy.. screws.. nails.. things to build the hull out properly. And in the very near future I’ll be needing to pick up things like Android based tablets for navigation.. and tethered webcams for the aforementioned android tablets.. and~ of course~ a whole slew of batteries that’ll be charged entirely by pedalling. All to make sure that I’ll be as safe as possible and constantly in communication where ever I go.

Here are some ways to help me out right now…

Name My Boat
    I have No Idea what to call my boat!!! Got an idea for a name??? Submit your idea(s) Right Here .. public voting will commence shortly and once all is said and done.. what ever name is chosen by public viral selection is what ever name I’ll call my boat- officially.


Your Name.. On My Boat
    Get your name on my boat
.. it’s a 1″ by 3.5″ space that’ll have Your Name on it.. it’ll be a sticker, hand painted.. what ever. But, right now it’ll be laid up on the hull pre- gelcoat meaning.. your name will be there.. on the hull.. forever!


Corporate Funding Initiatives Here


I’ll update this in the coming days.