Help Spread The Word!!!

This project is so huge.. it’s 45,000Km huge.. but it’s also small.. 22′ in length small.. but irregardless of it’s size.. this project needs is promotions.

I’d love it if you could help out.

I’ve built a couple PDF’s that need distribution.. the pages are laid out as, what I call, a “Four- Up” orientation.. so there are four images and the page needs to be cut in to four pieces. One sheet of paper resulting in four hand- bill sized “flyers.” These can be placed at cash register check outs for bike shops, cafes.. anywhere really.

So- the big “ASK” is.. Download the PDF(s).. Print it/ them off (many times).. Cut them in to four pieces.. and take the stack(s) around with you.. putting them in to different businesses that you visit through your day.. to get The Ball Rolling, as the saying goes.

What do you get?
As it’s going to be hard to track.. and I’m not anticipating thousands of people downloading and printing and distributing.. just drop a message to me.. you can use this site or you can use instagram (“@ocean_cyclist“).. in fact, if you aren’t following me already in the ‘Gram.. start following and let’s get conversing there.. and I’ll see what I can offer as thanks.