A fun GIF all about my graphically enhanced literary novel “The Death of Love” that is being used as a Fund Raising aspect for this project.

Bootstrapping is a common enough concept in the business world.. Snapple is a famous company that started off by “boostrapping” their way along. It, essentially, means that they started off with nearly zero and poured all profits back in to the company for it’s growth at the outset.

I’ve been bootstrapping “The General Bean” since we started. I’m hoping that this year takes us out of that phase finally and for good.

I am, also, bootrapping this project.

I believe in the importance of sustainability.. additionally, I believe in the importance of ART in our day to day lives.. as an artist and a life long cyclist, these are two concepts that are close to my heart. 

I’m prepping to launch the quarterly magazine Savage Progress that will do just that- promote Art, Artists and Sustainability. I’ve put in a lot of work lately on that.. so, head on over and fill out the application to submit.

It’s super cold right now here in Calgary and The Boatshed is.. uninsulated so.. unless I get a couple additional heaters for The ‘Shed.. any boat building will have to just wait till next month. I was super scared of that.. honestly. I have a ton of wood and rough materials so that I can build out the hull forms (plywood for the superstructure/ structural reinforcement as well as foam board for insulation).

At any rate- I’m launching *OFFICIAL- LIKE* the “Name That Boat” contest-ish thing.. and I’m launching a Call For Submissions for Savage Progress… and I have a few other ways to generate some of the needed funds to pull together the last few pieces/ parts for the Boat Build.

As the tacky saying goes- Sharing is Caring.. if you could share this project and, specifically, my crowdfunding page that’d be super awesome.