It’s been a busy few weeks.. a lot has happened and a lot is about to take place.

sometimes I feel like this is my life in one image.

I’ve been super focused on getting my support magazine ~ Savage Progress~ off the ground.. and it’s coming along wickedly.. a sample layout is almost done that’ll provide.

So, while I haven’t been training as consistently as I need/ want.. I have been on the bike a few times recently. And, this might sound odd but.. I’m setting tasks for my training..

In the past, cycling has been The Method of mobility.. so, I never really thought about it. Well, except when I was training for triathlon competition. That was decades ago.

Now, I’ve got some pretty specific goals so.. I need to make them a reality.

First goal is cutting a hole in the bottom of Boat #2 and building a “cowl” so that the water doesn’t rush in and I can install the Pedal Drive and.. pedal around on the water. The goal for this is Mid June. I want to put in at Bowness Park Pond for minor water trials.. but I really am hoping to roof- top the boat all the way to Kamloops to shoot with Phoebe at/ around Canada Day and then take the boat down to the Okanagan to see what it’s like on that kind of water.. what the gearing is like and all that.

The next goal is to get the lower half of the hull, for Boat #1, enlarged (taller) and the cockpit floor completed so the main or overall hull form is dialled in and I can cut through the floor to make the thru- hull for the Pedal Drive. While this will take more time.. I’m hoping it’ll be done by the end of the summer.. as I want to start showing off the boat and what she can do next spring.

Baby steps are important.. and so far I’ve been ambling along and mostly just “hoping” that things will come together. I think, with these two clear and not major steps, that I’ll be well on my way.. and I’m also hoping that by the end of this summer I’ll have a few other people “on board” to help out.