Training with Carnage Visors

Training notes have been on hiatus the past little while.. trying to be more consistent so…

A Boat, False Creek; Vancouver. The day I skipped work as a bike messenger (sounds so polite when you use the word “messenger”) and dilly dallied around False Creek shooting Yaletown buidlings under construction.. hardly visible like ghosts in the fog or something like that.

Carnage Visors
If you’ve never listened to that song it’s the soundtrack to a movie of the same name by a band called The Cure. If you’ve never heard of The Cure.. you should hear the sickness;) Anyhwow.. many movies come in at just under or just over 120 minutes.. which is, right now, my max spin time (max time I can allocate to spinning.. I’d go longer but work has it’s demands I have to attend to). So, instead of having to re- start the movie or move the playhead back.. I’ve taken to listening to Carnage Visors for 20 minutes.. it’s a good warm up time frame (I’m usually warmed up by 5 mins… but I try not to stop/ pause spinning until my first water “break” at just over 20mins so.. it really works well). And if I start the song before I start spinning, I know I’ve got a cushion of about  8 minutes before I need to be on the bike and spinning.. just so things work out if you know what I mean. 

But I’m kinda digging spinning with the music instead of visual distraction.. it allows me more time to think and think clearer. Who knows.. I might do some training with nothing but music.

Todays training was kinda tough.. chose a pretty hard gear- harder than I’m used to at any rate. And I was on the bike for 120 mins… at that hard gear. SO, my legs~ while not “wobbly” like I was whenI had my Vetta trainer~ are kinda soar.

But I’ve started (a few days ago.. er, week ago) mixing things up a bit. I’m trying to get to the point (with work) where I’ll be able to spin every day. My body can handle it.. my work schedule can’t. I used to commute each and every day.. sometimes as long as 45 minutes each way.. sometimes from South Granville all the way up to the top of the British Properties.. passing co- workers at Georgia and Seymour.. and arriving at work ahead of them.. well ahead of them. I loved the daily challenge.. and at the end of the day I loved blowing off steam (the descent from the British Properties, specifically, was awesome).

Anyhow- the “mixing it up” brings in some weights. I’m shooting for a 2hr spin on day one and a 60min spin with weights on day two.. weights are light right now as I’m so totally not a fan of weights but.. it’ll help my overall stature and abilities.. learned that when I was competing as a triathlete.. 

The cover of The Last Issue of .. The Standard Exhibit.. my monthly arts and entertainment magazine(ish) that was distributed from Osoyoos to Kamloops. For Free.

AND Work on The Magazine…
I thought about (for a REALLY long time) setting up a newsletter but I kept on “humming and haw-ing” as I felt something was *missing* in the concept. Finally.. I’m about to officially launch “Savage Progress” as a monthly digital magazine w/ quarterly print output! Maybe I’ve mentioned it already? Well, the Sample (I’m calling it the “Lorum Ipsum” issue as I’m using jabberqocky as text place holders.. and all the images are from my own corral as.. visual place holders.. all laid out as example, only). One page or two to go.. and it’s time to fine- tune the promo package and ad rates.. and get back in the saddle of Print Publishing!

I’m SUPER psyched.. I love publishing. So.. here we go.