Little Spin

An hour seems so short now.

The Suburbinator on blocks

I’ve been spinning at 2 to 3 hrs for the last year or so.. only occasionally doing an hour and a half.. so, an hour.. 60 minutes.. seems like such a short period of time to be spinning.. I barely got in to the movie I was watching when.. I had to get off and pull some weights.

But.. it was a good, difficult spin.. 

There are many different “types” of riders.. myself, I consider to be a “Chunder” rider. The word “Chunder” coming from the latin To Chund (j/k).. I actually can’t remember where it came from but it predates my Triathlon life such that I inspired it’s use on the COP hill climbs. Another way to say it- I’m a “clydesdale” cyclist.. a bit heavier than those skin and bone riders and my legs rotate at a slightly slower speed.. but I push big gears. A lot. I’m the type of a rider that cracks frames by pushing them to and beyond their limits. I am, right now, overweighted but generally I’m not that bad.. 

Anyhow.. I spun.. but in my normal chunder gear. That means I tried to have a pedal rotation of over 90rpms but in a pretty high gear. Legs felt it after.

Then I went and did an intro triple set of free wieghts to finish things off. My upper body is showing signs of my work (I’m a handcrafter.. needle felter so I sit at my desk and.. poke wool fibre all day long.. nothing like I’m used to as a commercial painter or bike courier).

Feels pretty darned good.. now, on to web work….. yay. 

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