Point Break

shows the old seats of Boat #2.. before my Dremel- like tool cut them up.

I’ve been watching the original Point Break.. ever since it was a theatrical release.. 

I remember Lyle Herrington.. he was an usher at the Banff cinema.. and he “turned a blind eye” when my friend Lorraine and I decided we wanted to catch this new Keanu Reeves flick.. so we went in gratis. That was the way things worked in Banff back then.. one hand washed the other.. one minimum wage sales clerk helped another with their shopping. It apparently was common practice, as well, on Robson St. Vancouver.

Anyhow.. I remember the first time.. watching the shrimp and fries shack with amazement as I had just been there.. and then the Surfer Fight.. I had camped right there. I was watching a movie that showed me scenes of my journeys that had JUST taken place.. I had hitched down to Phoenix and bought my Rockhopper to cycle to.. Los Angeles.

Fixed seats removed.. prepping to cut the Thru- Hull.. with only a few scant moments to work on her, it’s amazing what was accomplished.

I always get flashbacks of my youthful journeys when I watch Point Break and it definitely warms my heart.

Spun pretty hard for 120 minutes today and made no notes except mental ones about the seat build and positioning of the URT… and how the heck will I get a SECOND person on to that boat… in Kamloops (and Kelowna) I”ve got a few photo shoots and I’d love to pedal to a secluded spot.. ponderance of the day.

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