That Boat who wouldn’t Float

Did some work on Boat #2 yesterday

Boat #2.. as she was when she arrived here last fall.. and how she remained up until yesterday.

We’re heading to Kamloops and Kelowna at the end of June for Art in the Park, Kamloops.. anbd Family Visit in Kelowna and I thought it’d be a great grand and groovy idea to haul Boat #2 and do some On The Water pedalling.. something I have only been dreaming about since.. oh, say 1992!

So, Boat #2 was donated to me last fall.. it’s an Open Cockpit Tandem Kayak and when I hit the open ocean, she’ll be my “Trailer.” She’ll also be my emergency escape boat so.. she has to be prepped for recumbent pedalling AND have the “thru- hull” tunnel for the pedal drive.

So.. I cut out her platform seats and as the day wasn’t over.. I marked out and cut the hole in her hull.

Now I have two boats that don’t float 😉

positioning.. placing the hoverboard seat helped me decided on seat construction and placement.. looking forward to the NEXT BIG STEP.. and finally getting pedalling on the water!

But.. I’ve mapped out a clear plan for building the seat.. initially I was going to use a Hoverboard Seat and I’m not regretting getting that seat at all.. but the seat I’ll be making will actually fold down and it’ll be in two parts. And while the actual design of the seat is yet to be done.. the core concept isn’t anything new and I’ll be following along with visual ques and suggestions based off of my measurements and needs. Pretty psyched.

And mounting the URT is looking easier.. sadly, I *think* that the Joshua frame will be sacrificing a part of the tubing.. specifically the section of tubing where the URT mounts to the main frame.. it’ll get chopped a bit and then mounted in such a manner as to be super simple to mount that URT on the floor of Boat #2 (or, eventually, Boat #1).

So.. Boat #2- the Materials are here.. the T- 88, the EPOXY.. the fibreglass fabric.. and I’ll be true to form in that the flat panels I removed from the seats will be repurposed as walls for the Pedal Drive Thru Hull.. so I just need to add a few “slivers” of wood and mount the walls.. and voila- it’s almost done. 

one seating panel laying Fore and two exposed sections with the Hovreboard Seat in place.. having it there gave me good, solid ideas about the seat I need.. looking forward to working on that.

Oh- I do need to clean up the cuts.. I used my Dremel like tool to cut the seat panels.. and I couldn’t get right in so now I need to use grinder and drill with grinding stones to mellow out the remaining flanges… then I’ll build a horizontal “chimney” over the centreline stringer.. 2 pcs of 2×2 with a 1″ by 3″ top slab.. Seat and URT will mount right on to that and Boat #1 will get a similar treatment.

Thankfully.. I thought and thought and thought about what I needed to do to Boat #2 before digging in and now that parts have been ripped out.. I see clearer what to do next and the plan is getting more.. easier 😉

That means.. greater certainty.

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