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The Courier…

Ok- why has it taken me so long to get the ball rolling? Partly because I don’t want to be the “In The Public Face” person. Sure, I want to pedal a boat around the world and yes I know that in order to do that I need to be present and popularized (even villified at points) but.. I prefer to be behind the scenes. I’m a photographer, after all.. they hide behind the lens.

But, another reason is abuse. Child abuse that extended in to adult years and was prevalent and consistent for the last 40 years of my life.. it caused me to see myself as a second class citizen.. to see me and my ideas as not- as- important as others.


So, I’ve been on a quest to rekindle my love of self and my life long dream of pedalling a boat around the planet… working slowly and mostly in the shadows but I think I’m almost ready to jut forth in to public domain.. I am doing some musical recording so, I’m hoping that release of music will coincide with this new found public persona of mine that is slowly emerging.

I see Ocean Cyclist as a necessity.. and public visibility is necessary.. thus- yeah.

On a different note.. 
I did a bunch of work on Boat #2 today.

I had done a bunch of work a few days ago prepping The Boat for adding a thru- hull tunnel and Pedal Drive mount point.. and in my workings I figured it would be a good idea to build a concave tunnel around the end- to- end stringer that already existed…

~basically, if I “boxed in” the stringer I could add a hinged seat apparatus and slide my URT mounting apparatus fore and aft for proper fit.

So, the other day I cut and I built.. and it was shoddy and messy and for the last few training sessions I was pondering the mistake I had made.. not a permanent one but I needed the answer to the fix.. and it came during the last training sess….

So, today.. while it was nice and cool out and after I had made some caramel for my daughters fund raiser.. I set about tearing out what I had made (not all that hard.. it had only been caulked in as a temp fix) and cleaning it all up and then testing things out… with tests completed (mostly, drilling holes in wood and drilling some screws in to see if the wood failed).. I built the Box Section that was easy- peasy to mount directly and securely to the stringer that was already inside the boat. Nice.. svelte.. and sexy!!!

I then proceeded to cut some more wood, mirror the box section in the fore section and start building the Thru- Hull Tunnel… using T88 (a sort of epoxy compound that literally stinks like…. yeah, no good! but not half as bad as two- component epoxies or Quick Dry enamels that I worked with as a commercial painter). Here. we see the two end sections.. I’ll be cutting the side walls and using my trusty dremel to grind down angled sections.. and once installed I’ll be wrapping it all in a nice layer or two of fibreglass and epoxy to seal it all in. Oh- the URT mounts fore of the foremost plate.. and it’ll have four reverse threaded screws (they screw in to the wood and then you can screw nuts on to the exposed ends.. simple and effective.. 

Next step- I mean, once the thru- hull tunnel is finished, obvie- is to build the SEAT and that’s why I wanted the box section over the stringer in the cockpit area.. the seat itself will hinge pivoting on a point on the box section. And the URT mounting apparatus will be mounted on to that box section as well.. and the mounting points have been rough hewn out of nice 2by3 studs. 

So, today it wasn’t a huge work day but I did get a lot done… made Caramel for my daughter.. did some laser engraving for The General Bean.. and did some boat work. I’m tired.. but I feel accomplished.

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