Bike Work

I miss smelling of bike grease.. 

my old Miyata 912 Courier Rig c/w 62t chainring and 650c front end.. it didn’t corner all that great (kissed the pavement with the pedals more than once) but it was a fury on the straight away.

When I was in high school, in Ottawa.. or perhaps it was while I was at Carleton.. I do think my Lotus had taken on it’s cameleon- esque paint scheme so.. probably Carleton.. I worked for a small bike shop in centretown.

I guess you could say that the grease got under my nails and never left.

Then, when Amazon North to Rio took place.. I was the “resident mechanic” and planned bike purchases/ gearing based on a svelte tool kit so that I could repair anything wrong with those bikes.

And when I was a bike courier in Calgary.. I’d often be found working on other rides after the work day was over.. I remember late nights of rim- swaps and waking up in my garage- domicile (I lived in the garage of the house.. so that my non- smoking habit wouldn’t interfere with the resident smokers) still covered in and smelling of.. Bike Grease.

Today.. I took task to hand and rebuilt the URT hub set up.

So that’s the TRANSMISSION… I’m the ENGINE.. and my Propel- Styled Pedal Drive is.. the drive leg. 

I admit- it would be so much simpler of a set up if I hadn’t had the idea of adding gears to the mix. It’s been a long time in contemplation and configuration.. looking at ways to rebuild a bike frame in to the transmission I need.. trying to get them to sit in the boat properly.. and realizing that I have absolutely NO idea how to weld shit up so.. if my designs and ideas needed welding.. well, that means third party work which I can’t afford. So when I remembered about the Joshua/ Trek Y frame “Unified Rear Triangle” I was elated.. it’s still been a long time in coming..

and I suffered a loss this year with the theft of parts (disc configured rear hub + other parts) and materials.. so, this year hasn’t been the easiest. But- I’m on my way I think. 


Next up.. some notes on my EPOXY work.. which is astounding (to me).

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