Mobile Randomness

#repaired some screwholes.. when i mounted the #pedal #drive and #recumbent seat #spine.. which consisted of a ‘U’ chanel, upside down, made out of 1” x 2” pine lengths.. the screws were just a touch too long.

cool thing?? When i laid up the epoxy and fibreglass tape to do the fix.. the epoxy had already kicked and was becoming super duper fun to work with (#sarcasm) .. so i was worried it would be all globby and messy.. and yeah, in the pic (thanks to #filter) i’ve enhanced that appearance but when i was checking out the dried and flattened work.. it looked dialled in! thank jeebus for decades of #commercialpainting under my belt.

a couple steps to go for boat2 then its #waterbound .. with video to come 😉
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