Training Recap

Kinda getting excited to put the pieces together.. here, we see (probably already posted the image) The Transmission and the Captains Seat. I’ve done some new calculations and I have a surprisingly large “empty” space between the back of the captains seat and the “bulkhead” that will be the start of “The Flashlight” (I use that reference as my sleeping quarters are being fashioned slightly off of my old Sierra Designs ClipFlashlight tent that I lived in for a couple years meandering around N. America in the 90’s.

Just a quick recap on training as I haven’t posted anything in this department for awhile.

I had a bit of a lapse in training for awhile but am slowly working back towards a two day cycle.. two hours on Day One, weights/ flexibility on day two.. and then start all over again.

Age kinda creeps up on you and I do remember Goerge in Gym class at Woodroffe High School belching on about how, if you go in to old age as a sedentary being your joints will get tighter and tighter and your posture will deteriorate.. I didn’t want that. That’s one reason why I decided to build my life around cycling.. but that changed when my wife and I launched our hand crafting business.

Now, when I wake up.. my commute to work is a scant 12 feet away.. so I get up.. get things started at my desk.. grab my coffee.. and start making product.. 8 hours later I’m still sitting there making product. And with it being the Pre Christmas Market Season.. I don’t really have the luxury of taking breaks.

But.. one thing that I’ve noticed.. I’m getting fed up with visual entertainment!

It used to be that I’d spin for two hours only if I had a good movie to watch. THing is- there aren’t many good movies any more. So, I started listening to long songs before switching to shorter movies.. but that got tiresome. 

The past half dozen or so sessions.. I’ve listened to long song after long song.. for the entire training session. I guess it’s good “training” since I won’t be watching movies as I pedal my boat around the world.. will I?!?!

Anyhow.. I’ll try to keep posting from MOBILEness as I meander through the insanity of the next few weeks.. but it’ll be sporadic.