Nylon rudder that goes all “flippy flippy” off the stern. It sits in a closed position but my set up will have it fixed in it’s deployed configuration.. super simple and easy peasy to build on to Boat2.

Just got back from two weeks in Ontario.. I went out there for a trade show with my hand crafting company “The General Bean” and with the hopes of generating increases in wholesale orders for our needle felting kits. It was a ton of fun and I met tons of great hand crafters.. and had a super awesome night out on my oddy knocky meeting and watching Dan Bern ply his musical master works. 

Before I left, my rudder arrived.. it’s the final piece of the puzzle so to speak.. it’ll be used~ as is~ for Boat2 in a month or so.. I’ll build up a wooden “harness” system so that it just plops in and I can pull one cable to turn one way, another cable to turn th’ other way.  But.. it will be getting chopped because as I was away two other parts arrived. Tomorrow will have info on those two parts.

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