Smoothies For Me

So, I’ve been wondering about acoustic devices that I can take with me on my boat.. things that’ll help my day to day existence be more like.. a regular day. One such device would be a blender of small proportions to either grind coffee or make smoothies. I love smoothies.. I’ll see if I can post some recipes but mostly, I make them up from what ever is on hand.

I’ll be Freeze Drying a bunch of food before I go and having food dried as such for shipment to specified destinations along the way.. so re- hydrating is a simple enough task- take the de- salinated water that I make every day and add it to the fruit/ smoothie ingredient bag of choice and.. blend it away. 

But- even though I have found a few USB based units.. they are heavy, cumbersome.. and electric appliances don’t really do all that well in an open ocean environment so.. hand- pull spinner blender? Fits in the palm of my hand.. the tester version that is. Other sizes are available.. but I figured I’d start off with this tiny unit and see how it goes with different items.. how choppy it makes things and all that.. and then~ if I’m satisfied~ I’ll order larger sizes to play with before.. departure.

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