Some people think that there is no room for nudity within the environmental movement. They probably, also, feel that Direct Action has no place!

I have been a proponent of Direct Action for decades.. I was, first, arrested in Ottawa, Ontario during “Earth First!‘s” “Day of Action” in 1990.. groups of university and high school students as well as members of the general public took over Liberal MP offices protesting the logging of native land.. of old growth forests.. and for putting our healths and futures at stake!

Since then.. I have lived on the fringes. Creatively, I do a lot of work as an analog film photographer shooting Fine Art Nudes but.. I have, also, been quietly studying and examining social growths and developments for indicators and hints as to where we are going. In all this time.. I never thought we’d be headed towards downfall so suddenly and with such immediacy as we are, now, faced.

One thing I’ve learned is.. nudity draws attention. Thus I am not shying away from or pretending I am not a Fine Art Nude photographer.. I admit it and My Website, ALTPHOTOART, is a membership based option for funding with membership rates set at $50 FOR LIFE (temporary offer as the site gets up and running). 

So, I guess you could say that my use of nudity is my own personal Direct Action that will broaden the audience attraction to this project. But- there won’t be anything “adult” and I will be limiting the exhibition of nudity on this site to.. this page only and any links that lead to nudity will be clearly marked such that visitors will know, beforehand, that they are going to a nude- positive site.