Artwork Explored

M. Scott Ault: Fine Art Nude Photographer

Samples of my work from various stages and points in my nearly 30 years of creationing.

    I am a recognized Fine Art Nude photographer.. I was the first Canadian photographer exhibited at the venerated website “Michelle 7” back when online galleries and membership websites were growing in popularity. 

    I started shooting nudes when I was negotiating with Mark Burnett about making a soapstone sculpture that would be similar to the Stanley Cup trophy for his “Eco Challenge” race. Little did I know he was more interested in Survivor than the race.. at any rate, my first ever nude shoot was with a volunteering friend who was posing for sculptural reference images. Following that, I started to rethink my novel in to the “Graphically Enhanced” item it is today.

    Today I have launched the membership based website “Altphotoart” which is one element of fiscal support for this project and I am using my awareness of nude photographic art as backbone to “WetPedals” website.. The Gentlemans Cyclery Web- A- Zine containing Articles and Pictorials and more. 

    I don’t shoot adult material.. I have worke dwith adult models but never in a true adult context. In fact, most of my work has been labelled as “Too Artistic” by website owners. That means they generally wouldn’t make membership cash off of my work… their loss. I love working with a variety of individuals and I am about to launch in to my darkroom to try to catch up on print management and releasing unique hand printed and hand tinted images.