Productive Aspirations
To Grow Audience Attention

TL/DR: I’ve got a lot of ideas for audience attraction & project outreach that include my own creative works as well as productive concepts for entertainment and education. I am, also, negotiating print publication of three (3) individual magazines with distribution across Canada and in to many US points.

Audience equates to success..
     ..and today, the audience is conditioned for consistency which means I need to be publishing though any of the various many social networking channels with consistency.. and producing quality material will enhance audience appeal and, thus, conversion to supporter(s). But what can I tool around the South Pacific Ocean without landfall in sight for 20.. 30.. 40 days?!?!

    I’m a multi- disciplinary creative individual and while I do have a lot of “backlogged” ideas and material to release.. all of which will be worked on as I pedal around the planet.. that won’t even be enough to maintain let alone grow the audience volumes.

    My personal areas of productive interest lie within the Literary,  Photographic, and Musical realms.
    →I am currently cataloguing notes  for my second graphically enhanced literary composition that is being titled “Wasted America” that will be similar in content and flavour to my already published volume “The Death of Love” and should be published (professionally) in 2024.
    →I am, also, working on a Fine Art Nude Photography exhibition .. some of which are/ will be on exhibit at These prints will be classic “darkroom” enlarged and hand tinted one- of- a- kind originals. It is my interest and intent to network with individuals when and where ever my boat makes landfall in order to produce new, appreciative and celebratory works of Fine Art Nudes.
    →I am, also, prepping for musical release… I have composed a number of folk inspired pieces and plan on recording them~ along with a few soundscape compositions~ leading up to nautical launch. It is, also, my interest and intent to carry my recording gear with me (all 100% portable.. visuals to come, shortly) in order to take live, en route samples and to create enveloping audio soundscapes. From a timeframe standpoint, I anticipate releasing one “EP” or music~ of any genre~ each month or two while circling the planet.

But even this won’t be enough to maintain attention

    Thus, I am “wire framing” some productive ideas that~ pending funding~ will be produced in “Bursts” with release of edited content taking place “dripped” over time. 

The Bottom Bracket
    Invites virally sourced female “contestants” to assemble and/ or repair provided bicycle(s). The contestants can reach out for assistance and guidance in the process set tot hem however, each instance will cost one article of clothing.. begging the question: will she finish the “build” or will she end up naked?

Rough poster idea

Ainna, After
    Follows the day to day activities of one female in a Post Apocalyptic world. We’ll be exploring concepts of interpersonal interaction, food scarcity, tribal violence and self protection among other ideas. Her main mode of transportation will be her bicycle and the production will be a PG-13 release with rental streaming of the “Directors Cut” taking place right here.. and “radio Edits” being seeded to social media avenues.
    24 episodes are “wire framed.”

    A single- instance videoscape production that will trace one recognized female cyclists journey across Canada’s rail lines on a bicycle propelled rail cart. Drone technology will be leveraged in effort to avoid cyclist- train interactions and social media interactions will be maximized for audience growth and attention.

Going Multimedia… 

    I’ve always LOVED publishing.. as a child I had one aspiration: to become a published author. So, when I was at University I was drawn in to the student newspaper where I quickly climbed the ranks from lowly writer to Arts and Entertainment editor.. to Managing Editor where I took the paper to great lengths. And then I spread my wings to release my own monthly periodical. 

      I am, right now, putting the finishing touches on three distinct and unique titles that will be released in the new year..

Tour of the Taps
      A thrice yearly digest sized magazine covering various aspects of Pub Life.. that is “Free to Collect” from Coast to Coast (in negotiations). The core content being the directory style listing of any/ all Pub, Brewhouse, Taproom.. or any similar establishment.. from Coast to Coast within Canada.  While it is Free to Collect, subscriptions are available for $20 per annum to cover increasing postage fees.

Makers and Sustainers
      A quarterly digest sized magazine covering issues and information pertinent to Hand Crafters with Sustainability articles  available from Coast to Coast, in Canada and the US (in negotiations). Twice annually this publication will host a weekend long multimedia festival on a rotating basis (new city each event). Estimated public purchase price is $7.50 ea. with subscriptions at $20 annually primarily to cover postage.

Savage Progress
      A twice yearly digest sized Fine Art Nude Photography magazine available from Coast to Coast, in Canada and the US (in negotiations; international options will be examined) and will cover the personalities, both behind and in front of the camera, within the Fine Art Nude photographic genre. This item will be sealed with a “wafer” sticker to prevent content perusal. Estimated public purchase price is $15 per issue with subscriptions being priced at approximately $20 per annum, to cover increasing postage fees of an international nature.

Advertising Rates are available on request.
Rates are consistent across the different titles
multiple prepaid placements qualify for generous discounts.