Lost Lagoon Poster Print

Ocean Cyclist

This image is part of a group that were shot down near the Lost Lagoon fountain in Vancouver BC. I discovered a small gap in a fence that was actually kinda large. There wasn't so much of a GAP as there was only a gate.. so, if you looked down the path you'd see a gate and think not to go there. I thought to and found you could easily walk around the gate to a quiet, private little glade that had racoons living there. And I brought several models for shoots to that very spot. This is one such image.

 Partly glossy, partly matte.. it'll add a touch of WOW to any room. • 10 mil thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant

As with all purchasable items, the funds generated from sales will go directly to the project and it's overall goals. This means that 100% of the funds generated will be used for Boat Parts.. Boat Plans.. Build Space.. things like that all in order to get a small, fully enclosed pedal powered boat built such that I can circumnavigate the globe and show people Cycling Rocks!