Crowdfunding 002

Im going to be the first person to circumnavigate the globe in a pedal powered boat.. 
This is also going to be the first fully connected Circumnavigation..
I’ll be connected day in and day out.. 
But to start.. I need some help.

This project is a huge undertaking and, right now, I am a single operator.. solo operation. That means I’m doing everything from web site layout to scripting to the actual boat building.. oh- and training! I was training 4 to 6 times a week but that takes up so much time. 

How to Help
You can help by signing up as a subscriber (coming soon) or purchase products- there are products that I make with my own two hands and there are some other goodies… but some super cool news-

T-Shirts and other wearables WON’T be “print on demand” any longer! I’ve recently partnered with a super cool LOCAL company “Relish” that makes wearables In- House.. using organic cotton. So, I’ll be removing the PoD shirts and stuff shortly and adding in In- House printed options for uniqueness and individuality.

I’m also working on a couple other websites..
is home to my Fine Art Nude photography.. it’s “In Development” so right now you can purchase a Lifetime Legacy Membership for a scant $50.. No Renewals, No Upgrades.. EVER. Membership funds go almost entirely to help Ocean Cyclist grow.

And another “In Development” website is.. .. ‘The Gentleman’s Cyclery‘ .. which is to say it’s kind of like Playboy.. made specifically for cyclists.. head on over there to check out the free- to- view galleries and roughed out set up. I’ll be working on this more consistently shortly.