Crowdfunding 002

How you can Help

Name My Boat
Have an idea of what to call my boat? I dont!
Click the link and submit your suggestion.. public voting will commence shortly and once all is said and done.. what ever name is chosen by public viral selection is what ever name I’ll call my boat- officially.

Go Ahead.. Name My Boat

Your Name.. On My Boat
Get your name on my boat
.. it’s a 1″ by 3.5″ space that’ll have Your Name on it.. it’ll be a sticker, hand painted.. what ever. But, right now it’ll be laid up on the hull pre- gelcoat meaning.. your name will be there.. on the hull.. forever!

↓Your Name on My Boat↓


I’m also working on some other websites.. is my home online.. exhibiting my Fine Art Nude photography.. while it is “In Development” you can purchase a Lifetime Legacy Membership for a scant $50.. No Renewals, No Upgrades.. EVER. Membership funds go almost entirely to help Ocean Cyclist grow.

And.. .. ‘The Gentleman’s Cyclery‘ .. which is to say it’s kind of like Playboy.. made specifically for cyclists.. head on over there to check out the free- to- view galleries and roughed out set up. I’ll be working on this more consistently shortly.