Diet En Route

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.. ruminating.. on what to eat while en route. The journey will be~ not only an estremely protracted period of physical exertion but also extreme isolation. I’m looking forward to it with deep anticipation!

So, how many calories do I think I’ll be burning on an average day? According to online calculations a 10 hour day of cycling will burn just under 5000 cal. ( 10hrs x 480 cal).. and I’ll be cycling up to *maybe* as much as 16 or 18 hours on a day. But, for my guestimates- I’m basing my caloric need calculations off of an averaged 10 hour day. Even that is a lot- 5000 cal is a TON. Oh- and on top of that is the daily base needs of the human body.. mine being around 2000.

I’m very utilitarian. I don’t need a lot of space~ that’s why I’m building my boat as a “svelte missile” rather than a bloated codfish. Also, I don’t need a lot of variations. I do, actually, like simplifying things and eating/ consuming the same things. I know the values and I know how my body will react.

I’ve been starting my day off with a boal of oatmeal lately.. a half cup of raw, uncooked turns in to about 3c of finished product. As it is, the caloric value is listed online as being 154c per cup so…
3cups = 450cal

Monks Coffee
My preferred morning brew consists of two and a half cups of strong coffee cut with 2TBSP of, both, Honey and Butter/ Ghee. Both the Honey and the Butter/ Ghee have 150cal each and the coffee… zilch. So..
2cups of Monks Coffee @ 300cal ea. = 600cal.// 1050 cal total so far.

I’ll be updating this kind of like a blog post.. but staticized. Stay Toooned 😉