Get that skunky smell of cycling sweat out of your car.
Or.. is it the wonderful smell of a kids hockey bags and gear?


Our HandMade Car Diffusers are 100% natural, Canadian sourced Wool Fibre that is hand felted using pokey pokey needle felting techniques by Yours Truly.. and Wool Fibre accepts essential oils.. any essential oil you want to apply (but we recommend against “citrus” formulas as the volume of oil you will need is HUGE.. a waste of time, really) and the CLIP (shown in the final image) just clips to your air vent.. hot or cold air passes through the Wool Diffuser with ease and.. voila- the car smells wonderful instead of like a teenagers messy dorm room.

Pictured are several different patterns available ONLY through Ocean Cyclist(except for the Bears and the Bee.. available through The General Bean as well as their retailers). Photos with multiples are showing the variants available.. purchases consist of one selected pattern only.