Thanks for showing interest in helping out Ocean Cyclist.

Donations are an integral part of this project and every nickel helps us get closer to our goal. So, give me a hand and get my boat in the water so I can take off in 2024.. around the world.. 100% by Pedal Power!

The goal is to finish the build of The Boat this spring (2023) and do a couple on- the- water trials.. first, in The Okanagan piloting from Vernon down the lake to Penticton (and possibly to Okanagan Falls) and back.. then off to the Great Lakes for lake after lake navigation that’ll lead me~ through contiguous waterways~ all the way to New York City. 
To Do This I need to purchase several meters of Fibreglass Fabric, several gallons of epoxy.. Floatation Foam.. and a few other odds and ends. I’ve already purchased the Pedal Drive, the bike that’ll be core to my gear system, and the first tablet that’ll be part of my navigational system. I am, also, starting my studies in to Music Recording and Production so that I can record music while en route.. so the only thing holding me back right now is.. finishing the hull of the boat.