Dryer Balls

They Soften your clothes.. they kill static cling.. and they cut down dryer times meaning..
They Save You Money!!!


Looking for Canadian Made Dryer Balls? Look no further!

Handmade in our Calgary, Alberta atelier by Yours Truly and made using nothing but locally sourced Canadian sheeps wool that is processed merely 45 minutes away from us.. these “Extra Large.. Long Life” Dryer Balls will make you happy!

We guarantee our product for over 1000 uses.. that’s about 5 YEARS of normal household use.. but you will probably find they last years longer! Longer than most commercially available options.

Some Facts:
  • By bouncing around, they pull the clothes apart allowing the hot air to pass through.. doing it’s job faster and earlier.
  • As they go Bouncy Bouncy.. they soften your clothes.
  • The wool discharges static build up as they bounce around.. with natural fabrics.
  • As if that weren’t enough..  they naturally soften your clothing as well.

Splat and Co

As one of the original Dryer Ball manufacturers, we can atest to the fact that our balls last! We’ve been making Dryer Balls for about 10 years and only ever had to warranty once.. and that was clearly due to animal intervention (their dog chewed the ball to bits.. we still felt it would be good PR to replace the damaged ball). While we are, now, known as “The General Bean” and produce high quality products.. Splat and Co is still one of the most respected names In The Biz so.. we’re still using it for our 30g dryer balls.

The Product
Measuring *about* 30g per ball and sold in a 3pc set (because we recommend three at a time.. all the time) our product is a great performer. And with a Three Step Manufacturing process that doesn’t involve third world sweatshops.. you can be certain these things are gonna LAST. 

Synthetic Fabrics
While we do urge users to Hang- Dry synthetic fabrics.. sometimes things the the cycling short Chamoise will come out a bit.. stiff. So, throw the synthetics in the dryer for a *short* trip with the dryer balls.. the Bouncy Bouncy action will loosen up the Chamoise for the next ride. The Caveat: Synthetic Fabrics add too much static to the load for the ‘balls to negate so.. do expect a bit of sparky sparky when pulling things out.