Let’s cross Social Outgroup Barriers and Promote Environmentalism Far and Wide!!!

I am in the process of launching three unique and targetted web properties. They are SavageProgressis about accessible information preaching sustainability for outreach & adoption! Combining educational content with entertaining elements.. even some sensational and *potentially* scandalous stuff.. with the goal of reaching the hard- to reach people everywhere., WetPedalsis The Gentleman’s Cyclery.. a web based and downloadable “zine” that features scantily and/ or un– clad female models posing with amazing bicycles in conjunction with various fun, entertaining, and informative articles., and Altphoto.ARTwhich is a long- standing passion of mine.. to provide a safe haven for Fine Art Nude photographers, models, and fans alike.. a place to share without censorship.. a place to grow.. and a place to have fun. in order to cross Social Outgroup Barricades and realize quantifiable  Audience Growth. Each title represents a distinct passion of mine and something that I would be exploring irregardless of Ocean Cyclist.

I am, also, exploring the possibilities of releasing a print magazine in digest- size (5″ by 8″ approx.) that will be distributed freely down the West Coast of the USA, across Canada from Vancouver to Ottawastaying out of the French speaking area(s) to avoid custom printing a bilingual/ French version, sorry and in to the New England Corridorjust like that radio show I hosted on Party 93.4.. an hour long ecopunk broadcast each week that was slotted for the “Drive to work” giving me voice to masses but necessitated me getting up at 3am once a week to be live in to the Hudson Valley.. fun, to be sure.. tiring, decidedly.. coming again soon? possibly. Each issue will be Seasonally Oriented and will contain articles pulled from the websites.. along with pictorials, tutorials, and more in an entertaining and informative manner. Easily reaching the hard- to- reach populations such as the Overworked and Underpaid.

With your membership you can author pretty much anything you want to.. Articles, Directory Listings, Event Listings, Photo Galleries.. and using the If This, Then That service posting an original article at one site can be automagically replicated to other sites! Check out their system of “If This, then That” automatic posting for your own outreach and growth- it’s awesome. 

I am also, currently, installing a Forum here.. so all Authors can share thoughts and participate in the purpose of this project- to PROMOTE SUSTAINABILITY TO THE MASSES!

Your Membership Fee represents, approximately,  1ยข per kilometer of travel distance. That might sound like a drop in the bucket but it will do WONDERS for getting necessary tools, equipment, and supplies configured for this journey. 

And my platform is yours to use as a MEGAPHONE for sustainability!

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