Leveraging Art

Outreach & Audience Development

The Cover of my soon- to- be transcribed novel “The Zeuphor” composed in 1990~ 1992.

    I am an artist, an author, a musician, and a photographer.. oh- I’m also a sociologist of sorts and one thing I know from years of study and examination is.. Networking Works!! So, I am looking to network with a variety of creatives from around the world in order to create a travelling experience that will enhance the project’s outreach and fiscal responsibility.

    I have predefined specific geographic points for landfall.. places like Fiji, Aukland, Sydney.. Cairo.. and others. Great locations for both Telethon Acitity and Exhibitions!

    Thus I will be reaching out to recognized, emergent, and exceptional artists from around the world to join the real- world travelling exhibition. Some artists may be invited to attend the exhibits in person (pending fiscal availability) but all artists will be invited to participate digitally through ZOOM or other methodologies.

    The Exhibition will be limited to 2D works that easily pack and ship from location to location. This includes painting, photography, and textile arts. The content of the exhibition will be open to any/ all genre including, but not limited to, abstract, interpretive, as well as fine art nude content.

A Note About Nudity:
    I have been studying social ebbs and flows for decades. Although I haven’t fully completed my degree, I have never stopped examining.. and one thing I know for certain- Sex Sells! Another thing I know with surety: corporations, generally, don’t follow The Rules. Environmentalists do.. corporations do not. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that those who break or bend rules generally make out better than those who follow rigid codes of conduct. Thus, I am not ‘shying away’ from content that is appreciative and celebratory.. even if it contains a distinct lack of clothing. This is, afterall, an integral aspect of my own creative quivver.. I’ve been shooting Fine Art Nudes for nearly 30 years and plan on continuing throughout this journey.. and the rest of my life.
    Furthermore.. sensationalism (the “sex sells” concept) is a viable and worthwhile vehicle for message delivery. It effectively will increase audience outreach and help this project break through social outgroup borders for increased audience attention. But- any/ all nudity will be Appreciative.. Celebratory.. and in a volume not too different from a PG-13 film (as in.. not much at all).

About Sensationalism