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Upgraded for the duration of the project.

I am going to be the FIRST person ever to Circumnavigate the globe entirely by Human Power

My circumnavigation will follow the generally acecpted rules from the Order of Magellan such that my Route will follow a "Great Circle" and pass through two points "Antipodal" to each other!

To Whit:
    ~A "great circle" means I can't just go up to the Artic Ocean and do a quick spin around the North Pole.. it has to circle the larger part(s) of the planet. The great circle, also, needs to pass through two points that are Diametrically Opposed to one another.. or, one point and it's Antipode. Check the menu link "Route" for more information on my chosen route.

    There have been teams that have circled the globe by Human Power.. my Circumnavigation will be the FIRST SOLO, and First EVER complete CIRCUMNAVIGATION- meaning, I'll be doing it all.. alone.. and entirely within a small, pedal powered boat! While I do intend on doing some riding on land, they will be for promotional purposes as opposed to conveyance of My Self to further points of the journey.

My Goal
    We are in Unprecedented Times.. and it is my interest and intent to use this Extreme Activity to promote the adoption of Cycling as a primary method of day to day and life long mobility. It is my perception that Cycling reduces individual demands on healthcare, infrastrucure, and saves people money thus I feel that the time is perfect for a social shift away from Car Culture and towards bicycles!



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