The Ocean Cyclist

My name is M. Scott Ault... The Ocean Cyclist... and I am going to Circumnavigate the Globe in a Pedal Powered Boat.. Cycling for Sustainability!

~Circumnavigation means.. going entirely around the world.. technically, for it to "count" as a circumnavigation, it has to be a "great circle" and a great circle needs to pass through two points that are Diametrically Opposed to one another.. or, one point and it's Antipode. For my journey, I could simply keep the route set as a low- valence "sine wave" staying close to the equator.. but I learned many years ago that the value of Populations is.. immeasurable! So, my route will take me from Vancouver to New Zealand, where Point One will be recorded, and then follow through the mediteranean sea to Tunisia where it's Antipode is positioned.


Briefly, I grew up in a town of no consequence (and with a name to follow).. raised in to a middle class family in the middle of a growing community of greyness. I did my time in school and even tried to follow through with Post Secondary education.. but I was more interested in cycling.. the environment.. and living life rather than learning about it from within plethoric books and studies. So, at the tender age of 22.. I dropped out. I went "vagabond" and started meandering around North America.

I spent the better part of The 90's doing just that.. sometimes as long as 12 to 14 months at a stretch.. without work, without using social structures for support.. just hitch hiking, walking.. exploring. One such exploration took myself anf two other cyclists on a journey of hope.. we had hoped to ride to Rio for the 1992 Earth Summit.. but apparently I chose my riding partners wrong and although we were working to meet up with a fourth (who made the ride).. we never did meet up with Steve. On that ride was where the idea of pedalling a boat around the world was born and, even though my ride partners swore up and down that a Boat could not be powered by bicycle gear.. I was convinced.

~Little did I know that Steven K. Roberts (of "Behemoth" fame) had already been working on his "MicroShip" for some time..
~Little did I know that several other people had started work on similar ideas..
~Little did I know that there was a growing concern for Pedal Power/ Human Power Mobility..

And so, over a decade after my original dream was born.. I started to work out.. to research the possibilities of a Pedal Powered Boat. In that research, I discovered the boat named "WiTHiN" that was posited to ply the oceans from Tofino to Hawaii.. she was a 30foot+ boat.. tall on the water.. and her captain was surprised to learn how "rocky" she was on the open ocean.. so much so that he put the boat up for sale. While she was, apparently, "too much" boat for me.. she would only need minor modifications.. a quick "refit" and she'd be prepped to go fully around the world.. unsupported. But- "unsupported" does not leave my partner.. my wife.. the mother of my daughter with a good feeling in her stomach. Thus, when "WiTHiN" sold, not only was she happy.. I was provided with the opportunity to grow the project vessel in my own manner.

Now, several years later- years that were spent doing what had to be done to support my growing family (mainly Commercial Painting).. and having modified my rough hewn designs several/ many times.. and having spent money my family did not have only to be provided with NOTHING concrete.. I have a 16' hull I am about to start the ReFit process on.. and the project will take off inextinguishably.



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