The Routes

Right now, there are three journeys "On The Books." *graphics to come, shortly*

Route One :: Great Lakes to Halifax

My goal is to spend the next 6 to 8 months working on my newly acquired Hull.. adding in stabilizing fins, re- glassing the hull, adding in the core pedal drive architecture, and enclosing the cockpit. With this work "well under way" .. I am scheduling an On The Water long range test.. leaving from Thunder Bay in May of 2021 and navigating most of the Great Lakes, through the St. Lawrence Seaway and all the way to Halifax, NS. This journey is to PECLUDE the filming of VeloRodder and different promotional events will be scheduled to coincide with, both, the nautical journey and the westward filming of the aforementioned virally motivated production.

Route Two :: The North West Passage by Pedallo

My family has a long and somewhat storied relationship with out Arctic region.. my grandfather did a lot of geological research there with one or more members of the Group of Seven~ most voluminously with Maurice Haycock.. but most noteably his exploits are found within the volume "Livingston of the North" wherein an event that caused my grandfathers hand to be permanently "curled" took place during a hunting accident. At any rate.. as certain climetologists are talking.. and the North West Passage is becoming "Ice Free" earlier and earlie.. all due to our impending Climate Catastrophe.. to highlight this fact, I intend to pilot my Pedallo from Halifax to.. Vancouver via the North West Passage.

During this journey, I do intend to make landfalls at specific and historic sites.. most noteworthy being the "Yellow Cabin" that Maurice Haycock and my grandfather built in the 1920's. It is, also, a prime consideration to have A) raised the necessary funds to purchase my "Chase Boat" and B) to have it arrive in Halifax in time to follow me through the North West Passage.
N.B.: Any/ all crew members will be officially awarded the "Order of the Blue Nose" for crossing the Arctic Circle. This will be comemorated with our own on- board celebration as well as met with an official "Crossing" certificate.

Route Three :: Full Global Circumnavigation

Important Notes:
While going "all the way around the world" constitutes a full circumnavigation, there are specific rules that need to be adhered to in order to make it a real and full global circumnavigation..
• It needs to be a "great circle" thus..
• It needs to pass through two points antipodal to each other.. meaning: Choose one point and find it's "Antipode" or diametrically opposed point- opposite side of the planet both in longitude and latitude.. thus, my "Point A" is on the North Island of New Zealand and my "Point B" is in Tunisia, near the Straight of Gibraltar.
• Thus far, all "Human Powered" circumnavigations have crossed both land and water.. my intention is to Fully Circumnavigate the Gload by Pedal Power.. full Nautical Circumnavigation by Pedal Power!
The Route:
Departing from Vancouver, BC, Canada to..

  • Hawaii
  • Fiji
  • New Zealand, North Island :: Antopode 1
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Perth, Australia
  • Maldives
  • The Red Sea & Suez Canal
  • The Mediterranean Sea & Tangiers :: Antipode 2
  • Turks
  • Cabo Verde
  • Trinidad & Tobago
  • Panama & The Panama Canal
  • West Coast of USA
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada
Notes (unordered & unfinished):
     • A route map is just an idea at this point in time and while I am always fine- tuning the specifics, I am working towards maximizing audience growth and development through specific landfalls, land based activities, and sensationally oriented on- the- water activities/ documentation.
     • Back in the early 90's, it may have been mentioned, I was part of a group of four cyclists working to ride from Norhtern Alberta (and San Francisco) to Rio in order to attend the Earth Summit. It was an idea launched by cycle activist Tooker Gomberg of Edmonton and spurred on by Banff activist organization "Green Central Station." The biggest failure of the journey was.. funding. Specifically, it was my interest to have the Three Cyclists leaving from Alberta ride to Vancouver and then south to San Francisco to meet up with the fourth.. setting up fund raising events along the way. The route that was "strongly suggested" by Green Central Station was to take us, three, from Peace River, Alberta south but East of the Rockies.. always staying East of the Rockies. Even at my young age, I realized we needed POPULATION to reach success. Today, after nearly 10 years working in the Craft Market world as a vendor (and many years prior there to in the print publishing world), it is my distinct impression that Population of Attenuation will result in positive funding. Thus, it is my objective to build my final Route Plan based on Maximized Audience Interactive Potential and, augmentative there to, to schedule appearances, activities, and broadcast events with the specific goal of Audience Development.. diametrically opposed to the instructions from years gone by.
Antipode 001 :: North Island, New Zealand
Antipode 002 :: Tunisia



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