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[YouPIC] donated two PRO portfolios:

Upgraded for the duration of the project.

The Boat

My boat measures just over 16' LOA.. it's nice and wide because it' a Two Person Kayak- ish boat.. but she's definitely really short. This means she's probably going to be somewhat quick on the water. And with the upcoming ReFit planned, she'll be more stable than any Pedallo out there!

When I first started getting back on to this concept, I had been following the developments of the WiTHiN project and how that individual was planning on piloting (as a duo) from Tofino to Hawaii.. to be the first. Little did I know he had, previously, planned to pilot a crossing of the Atlantic (cancelled for some unexplained reason).. and his Pacific journey was postponed a couple times until it was, finally, cancelled and "WiTHiN" was put up for sale. $80,000 CDN was a sweet asking.. and it wouldn't take "too much" to refit her.. a necessary task because of one thing I noticed~ something I noticed in each and every Pedallo video I watched- and I watched MANY.

So.. while I saw this boat as a cool kick- starter to the whole shebang.. I was worried about her "rock and roll" on the water. It was, as stated by the Pilot.. the main reason he decided he'd throw in the towel.. he couldn't handle the Motion of the Ocean.. something I have loved for years and missed for far far too long. I started looking around.. and thought faster, sleeker, and leaner was the way to go.

The next boats to join the gang never materialized. I paid for them in full even though I was borrowing from my own business and family.. taking food from my daughters mouth and putting it in to some other coffer.. finally I did some deep research in to the boats and I found that they were~ even~ the wrong kind entirely. They wouldn't survive Open Ocean navigation.. sure, they were sleek and stealthy.. lean and mean.. but they'd crumple like a falling leaf at the sign of the first big wave.

I've suffered many hurdles in my life.. I am coming to terms with my own self- defeatism.. I populate my life with those that will~ with surety~ drag me down for the most part. I do, occaisionally, find the diamond in the rough.. my wife and best friend.. and my best friends.. but following the aforementioned failure of delivery for the two boats I purchased.. I was hurt. And.. this project took a backseat. So did cycling, to be truthful. I was working remotely as a commercial painter and only spent about 2 weeks out of 8 at home.. it was a difficult existence.

Recently, however, I discovered this here 16 footer.. she was advertised as "Not Watertight" so.. a "Project" which was, in all honesty.. PERFECT for me. And, once I was standing beside her.. once she was on the roof of Ol' Blue, the mini van, I started realizing that perhaps.. just perhaps she might be long enough. So- what ReFit tasks are ahead of me?
  • Add stabilizing "skegs" to the hull- done
  • Lengthen the boat from 16' to approx. 22'
  • Carbon Reinforce & Re- Glass the hull.. repaint as well
  • Add in the Pedal Power Architecture- coming soon/ Hardware is En Route
  • Encapsulate the Cockpit
  • ..that's a "nutshell" or Coles Notes version..
but examining the from the standpoint of being enclosed within for more than 8 days at a stretch .. it's all "do- able!" Being solo.. Me Against the Sea in this boat.. Do- Able!


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