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The Pilot :: M. Scott Ault

I have been known to disclose my Origin Story as being from a "Town of no Consequence and with a name to follow" being.. I will admit.. 100% homage to Wim Menders and his minimalistic music that I grew to be so deeply fond of in the late 80's as I was.. growing in to the boy I am today.

So, yes- born in to a town of no consequence and with a name to follow, you can rest assuredly that I came kicking and screaming in to this world within a green tiled room within a rather large- assed building.. that might have had a distinct aroma of Amoia.. or some such other cleaning agent.. disinfectant.. I grew out of that town.. far too quickly.. by the time I was 22, I was vagabond!

I am wont to say that I decided, quite without reservation, to do something wholly different with my life and thus far.. I have. I knew that when presented with this amorphous intent, my parents would rail violently against it. In fact, I was of the opinion that the harder they fought against.. the more meaningful It All would be.. to me. And thus far.. I have been correct in that assumption.

I won't bore you with details of the Life Before Ocean Cyclist.. suffice it to say that I hitch hiked around North America for many years.. went back to University for awhile.. learned some of the more applicable skills of journalism and print publishing.. even took time out to do some massive cross country cycle tours, raced in Triathlons (was well known in certain circles as "Bad Hair Day") and.. worked as a bike courier (in Calgary, AB, and Vancouver, BC) even. In all that time, I spent a total of 6 months without a bicycle.. it was my main mode of mobility- local, regional and national. And being alone for weeks.. months at a time was a non- issue.

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