The Chase Boat

• Ice Classed
• 110 PAX..
• 200 feet LOA!

      So.. piloting a Pedallo around the world is a HUGE undertaking.. and at 50+ yrs of age.. even more so. But.. with a wife and daughter to worry about "at home" .. I want to do this the safest way possible. So...

Step 1: I'm adding two C02 deployed "pontoons" or platforms.. when needed or wanted, I will be able to hit a switch and two floating platforms will extend out of The Boat on both sides.. so, if she starts to SINK- the platforms deploy and I should have enough time for a Chase Boat to pull up and give me assistance. Or, if I'm getting squirrely, I can set them out and go "walkabout" on the increased square footage alleviating any potential mental suffering.

Step 2: I'm adding a Chase Boat to the inventory of Goals for this project. Using a Chase Boat that will lead and/ or follow me around the world affords a decrease in pedallo length which should, theoretically, translate to an increase in average speed thus decreasing the time to project completion. Thus.. the notes:

So.. Option One:
      The cheapest possible boat that is Intercontinentally oriented.. fast, nimble.. cheap. Slender crew.. uncomfortable, uncomprimising.. ReFit to use BioDeisel if possible and to hold any/ all waste. Options exist for less than 20 persons as entourage/ crew (pictured, below).

So.. Option Two:
      Slightly more expensive but providing a whole TON of more awesome opportunities is a 200' (approx.) "Ice Classed" former Cruise Ship. With accomodations for nearly 110 people, the potentials are enormous!
      When I first started this project, I had the grandiose idea of bringing together a number of Environmental Activists.. bring them together to FIGHT together.. but the idea was to start off by giving them the time.. a sort of "Summit" .. I know- it's reaching for the stars.. but the dream was to bring together 20 to 40 eminent activists to Hash Out issues through the entire journey and.. at the end- publish a paper outlining findings.
Together We Stand...
Divided we flail

      That IS the dream.. to bring together the disparate EcoPUNKS from around the world and start working TOGETHER! Because.. no matter how much money the lobbyists have.. no matter how many companies FUND the lobbyists.. if the MASSES band together.. nobody can deny the Right Way To Do Things! And to do so.. my goal is to provide space and exhibition/ performance opportunities to a wide selection of artistic individuals. With this boat (presentet at the top of the page) I can bring with me:

     • 20 Musicians/ band members (+/-)
     • 10 Artists (general)
     • 10 Fashion/ Artistic Models
     • 10 Photographic Artists (general; +/-)
     • 50 Environmental Activists.
     • And.. my family!

     The boat will be delivered to Halifax, NS., in time for a quick refit.. converting one room in to a Photo/ Video production studio from where the Daily News~ of the journey and of the environment~ will be delivered and one room in to a complete Audio Recording "Sound Booth" to allow the included musicians and artists space/ time to create their masterpiece(s).
It's a big dream..
but we'll make it happen.. TOGETHER!



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My boat has No Name.. and while I did cycle across the desert on a nameless bike.. I really want to have her named. Something fitting. $5 per suggestion through paypal.