A project like this won't succeed without.. PROMOTIONS! And through my years working student press, arts monthlies, self- publishing interests and more.. the last decade working the Hand Crafted Market Circuit.. I know that PROMOTIONS EQUAL POPULATIONS and without populations.. success won't happen.

Consistent Production
Of Quality Content!

Case In Point:
      Several springs ago, my company~ Splat and Co Handcrafted~ signed on to do a well respected event in Vancouver BC. What we didn't know was that they had changed venue location across the water.. So, rather than being a grass- roots styled event held in East Van it was being held in North Van at Londsdale Quay.. their audience was 1000% based in East Van and making the journey over by SeaBus, while novelistically appealing.. proved to be too great a challenge. And the population over in North Van didn't know the event was taking place because the organizers did nothing but advertise to their existing audience.

Reaching out beyond a traditional audience
Reaches New Aggregational Elements!

      Over 20 years ago.. when I was a Sociology Major (studying under George Pollarad at Carleton U.) I understood the benefit of breaking through traditional walls in order to tap in to untended audiences.. Back then, Bike ads were only in Bike Magazines.. Car ads were in magazines with readership over certain ages and income spectrums.. blurring the lines of potential audience attenuation was unheard of. Today.. the job is "throw ads at them.. the ones that want it will pick it up." As seen with current Facebook/ Instagram algorythms.. puke the information out and someone will eat it up.

      I don't wanna PUKE information out.. I want to carefully cultivate an alternataive audience base. But first.. what IS my audience base?! I see my audience being comprised of two very distinct but important groups..

1) The Indoctrinated Opponent of Climate Change.. those described as being more "red of neck" and uninterested in change of any sort


2) The Overworked and Underpaid masses performing menial, unskilled services.

The Long Winded Explanation:
      • The Indoctrinated Opponent of Climate Change can be typified as one who is more "red of neck" and might be inclined to "Roll Coal" on the average and discovered cyclist.. particulaarly if said cyclist is chuffing up a steep incline already.. oh, that coal smoke is so sweet to the cyclist.. not! Their interest in Maintaining The Status Quo is based, theoretically, on their lack of exposure and education. It is my assumption that leveraging sensational content as a "carrier pigeon" to serruptitiously deliver a message of educational importance will be successful in growing awareness in this sector. This is, however, contrarian to the average environmentalist practice and/ or thought in that sensationalism is one tool of The Machine itself.

      • The Overworked and Underpaid Masses.. the bottom level of capitalist stratification.. people that have NO TIME to seek out alternatives are another spectrum of society that need~ NEED more than want~ the information! They are being force fed ideas that Compact Fluorescant Bulbs are GREAT because they can't afford or access LED lighting technology.. little do they know that CFL's are known to cause burns, nervous issues, and skin irritations. On top of that, they are fed pablum of mass transit in order to save money to Buy That Car.. when a BICYCLE will get them to work and home again faster.. easier.. and will SAVE THEM TONS OF MONEY on an annual basis (no gym fees, no bus pass.. no gas, insurance, parking costs.. cheaper and easier repairs... the list goes on).

Consistent Production
Of Quality Content!

Back to Content.. and Quality!

      Just as I pay attention (more often than not) to little nuances such as the Paragraph Indentations, I have spent the last 2 decades self- indulging and learning about the appetites of the average Online Audience.. and two things have percolated to the top...
      1) Consistent Output is required.
      2) Content released needs to be of a certain QUALITY level.

      Specifically, and this is reverberated through many many different blogs and tutorials online and after many many research scenarios and broadcast schematics.. number one consideration is this: If the AUDIO is shit, people won't sit through 5 seconds! So, I've made sure to~ already~ have High Quality Audio Recording tools- onboard boom mics and remote digital audio recorders so that the Audio is SPOT ON.. and not "tinny" or bringing in the sound of the dog barking or car crash two blocks away.
      Augmentative to AUDIO is good VIDEO footage.. not "shaky-" I've worked laboriously with shaky footage and I usually end up with 5s of workable visuals out of a 20 minute segment. I mean, sure.. in the BOURNE movies the "hand shakey shakey" style works but if you are trying to convey something important.. it's best to be SOLID so that the viewer doesn't have to work.. or think.. JUST ACCEPT and move on. And the final thought on video: it DOES NOT have to be "Super Duper High Quality" so I won't be shooting 6K or 4K.. maybe, if I'm lucky we'll be shooting 1080p.. but we'll be shooting with the same cameras across the board. Right now, we are using two Nikon D5100's.. dSLR gear that I love. And a killer video fluid tripod.. and a trick hand held "steadicam." All super important in producing Quality Content!

If you've read this far..
Just a thought on CONTENT

The next most pressing consideration is CONTENT!
      It is my interest and intent to produce material that is sensational in nature for the expressed purpose of attracting the stated Target Market Audience.. but also to provide Entertaining material that will educate a wider audience. To Whit, I have a vision towards Reality styled and/ or "eliminational" content, diary content (the boat refit/ build) and creative, entertaining content of a diverse nature. For a broader explanation and specific optioned inclusions, check out the "Production" section.


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