I know nothing about boat building!

I mean.. I took SHOP in High School.. but that was like 3 decades ago now and I liked Electronics and Drafting more.. metal and wood shop weren't my big bag of tea. In fact, my working with wood might even go further back to Summer Camp.. and Grades 7 and 8.. who knows. All I know is that I used to build model cars a lot.. I used to follow instructions closely.. and I have a distinct passion for building a Single Person Pedal Powered Boat!

With that in mind.. I've spent the last 5 years sporadically searching for information.. going over existing pedal powered boat videos.. doing compare and contrast of boat designs.. and looking at It All with the mindset of building a sleek, swift, and sexy single person pedal powered boat..

A Pedallo.. a Torpedallo..

Early on, I decided that it would be KILLER to find something existing that I could customize. Like.. a boat design I could just cut and hack and add on a roof, so to speak, then drill out for a pedal powered drive shaft. imagine my surprise when I fould "WiTHiN" for sale.. located in Calgary, that boat was designed for Two people to pilot from Tofino, BC to Hawaii.. and at 30' (roughly) it'd be a quick conversion to my needs.. complete with a drive leg already built for it. But.. 2 things- I noticed~ from the videos, it appeared that it'd need some pretty major refitting to make her mine as she needed "stabilizers" added to her hull.. without, she was swishy and sashayed from side to side almost in beat with the pedal strokes and 2~ she was too expensive for me. I am a working artist.. that means I work more than art.. and normally, I put more time in to other people's work than my own. So much so that soemtimes reaching decisive points in my own projects can take.. 10 years even.

WiTHiN was designed professionally and built by a guy that had both the time and resources available to do it all on his own dime. And when she sold.. I realized I had to do this all on my own. From scratch, so to speak. That's when I started to look at things like racing kayaks, row boats, and other available boats. When I came upon the "Wherry" style of boat.. I knew I was there!

The Merry Wherry II is a proven SeaWorthy boat.. built out at about 20' (give or take..) she is normally suited to two people rowing.. but that size of a boat is small enough that putting a pedal power unit in to the boat shouldn't be too difficult.. and so...

*I should also say that through pouring over the many different pedal powered boat videos.. I came upon a couple distinct hypotheses: 1) clipless pedals are a MUST! Being able to smooth out the energy expenditure in to a smoother circle of motion would give the propeller a smoother energy source rather than a jerky, surgy unclipped power undulation and 2) I feel that GEARS will make the journey so much more.. appealing. I mean, sure.. some cyclists like the Fixie.. other cyclists like the single speeder.. me, I've always liked having gears.. it means being able to "turn it up" when I want to or.. easing off when I'm feeling exhausted but, instead of being all/ nothing.. I will have variations and.. options!*

I'm going to Follow The Plans..

I'm going to build the Merry Wherry II as per the instructions .. with a few slight alterations (stay tuned) and then I'm going to enclose her fully.. so that when the hatches are closed tight.. she's water tight and if she turns topside down, I won't go down down down among the dead men.

Right here, you'll be able to follow along.. I mean, sure you can stalk me on Instagram and Facebook.. and watch for stuff on Snapchat.. but right here you'll find all episodes of the process from getting the kit to first hurdle.. a few splinters.. everything. And I do have a few fun things in store.. I'm kinda being a modern day savage.. a new world minded Tim Allen and I'm sure you'll love meeting the Tool Girls.. or the neighbor.. there's even a Bicycle Manufacturer that lives down the street so, each episode is sure to entertain~ even if we don't talk a lot about making the boat, I'm sure we'll be talking alot about MAKING stuff.. I am, afterall, a lifelong "Maker" and artist. So, there'll be tons of talk on quality over quantity.. and how to really make and be truly local. It'll be fun!

And when the boat is done? I'm going to take her out for a test run!

The first Test Run is proposed to start when the Great Lakes open up in Spring (2021 or 2022) and will see ME pilot the UnNamed Pedallo from Thunder Bay to Montreal.. solo, with a few landfalls along the way for public interaction, promotion, and outreach. BUT... be forwarned.. there is rumor of Artic Sea Ice Free Passages on the horizon and if *IF* timing is right.. I might see if I can sprint the North West Passage so.. leaving from Montreal and heading to VanGroovey the COLD way! If you don't know much about the NW Passage.. it's infamous for stopping ships in their tracks and turning said ships in to.. ghost ships. If this route of return is chosen.. I could end up as a Ghost Ship.. The Ghost Pedallo! But.. if I make it... IF I MAKE IT TO VANCOUVER.. I would be the FIRST pedal powered crossing of the NW Passage!

A guy can dream, can't he?!?!



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