Production of diverse and apellant material is super important! Putting out content~ consistently~ that will entertain and educate will keep existing and develop new audience attention towards the project. And hey.. sometimes (frequently) there will be long durations of ... nothing happening except pedalling the oceans for days/ weeks at a time.. so, it's good to have a diverse spectrum and collection/ library of already produced material that can be either used for continued audience interactivity.

Case In Point:
      The crew that is/ was behind the boat "WiTHiN" that I have referenced, elsewhere, were doing really well and making a lot of headway.. then all of a sudden they were gone. I was watching, sending notes, and talking about helping with print publishing and stills photography when they~ literally~ fell off the radar. The Worst Thing Was: I DIDN'T NOTICE... not until a friend of mine mentioned something that spurred the memory and that brought to the surface the protracted duration of silence. When, next, I looked in to their work the boat was up for sale and the pilot was off doing something else.

The Take- Away:
      You are only memorable while you are producing! Once they stopped producing content (posts, videos, etc.) they were forgotten. This is a personally defined example of our collective/ social attention span- once someone STOPS producing, someone ELSE will consume that cranial space. It is my objective to Grow my audience and to NOT STOP producing until I get home in order to ensure a continued growth of audience and, thus, a maximized potential for goal achievement.
The Contrarian Example:
      Gary Numan (musician) is a perfect example of continued output and maintained relevance! Not only has his music gone through it's own spectacular transmogrificational process over the years but as Social Networking has gained importance in our day to day lives, he has "upped" his game to remain relevant and remembered. His example is one to take serious note of.


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