Consisten Production of Quality Material.. is our primary goal for audience attraction and conversion. As such, we will be documenting~ in a creative, entertaining manner~ the Pedallo ReFit and any/ all other serialised activities viable for online and classic distribution methods.

The Diary:
      Drawing from diverse productions, we are constructing am hybrid production that will include elements of, both, Reality and classic sitcom broadcasts. The Reality elements coming from the Real World work we will be doing with research, refit, and more and the SitCom elements will be scripted additions for emphasis and enhancement. It is, also, our interest and intent to leverage cross- content elements such as musicians, artists, and more for strategic placements- "live" music, bodypainting, and more... much more.
"Diary" Elements:
      • Pedallo Refit
      • Pedallo Gear Appointment
      • Knowledgeable Neighbor
      • It's a Fact, Jack!
      • Kit Build(s)
      • Intermission(s) w/ Other Artists
      • Performances & more w/ Other Artists
         .. And More.. All to produce a cool, virally optimized "Variety" show that educates and entertains.

Ainna, After :: Serialised
      If you grew up on Heavy Metal Magazine, you will~ undoubtedly~ be familiar with the Post- Apocalyptic world of DRUUNA.. it is my interest and intention to produce semi- weekly "webisodes" in a similar vein titled "Ainna, After." Specifically, it is one character~ the female named "Ainna" and her different day to day experiences in a Post- Apocalyptic world.

      • With nearly 30 episodes "wire framed" I am about to start filming.. specifically while the current "Pandemic" is in a less restrictive configuration. The goal being to shoot as much footage as possible.. edit when we go in to Lockdown #2.
      • While I do see producing content that will contain nudity, this production will not include material of an "adult" or 'prurient' nature as is exhibited in the original DRUUNA series.
      • Certain segments will be accompanied and/ or augmened with real- world research. Example being the abandoned town of Cody, BC.. with broken down buildings it presents a great backdrop.. with release of the episode, "extra" features would include detailed research on the community as it was when it was for added information.


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