Publishing has always been my dream.. So, I worked, I learned.. I studied and practiced and, recently, I've self- published my very emotive and "graphically enhanced" literary novel "The Death of Love." While I have yet to promote the book in earnest, it does represent my passion for publishing.

The BMX Kid & Cycling Books
      I am in the process of composing 5 Kids Books as a Character Driven educational series. The goal is to teach bth parents and growing minds about the benefits of cycling using the tapestry of my own daughters life and experiences with her Strider and on in to BMX racing. 5 volumes are pencilled in already dealing with various concepts from learning to balance, adding pedals, race day, and being a positive role model in the face of either winning or losing. These are part of the series "The BMX Kid."
      Additionally, three more books are being worked up right now. Each book is more informative and start off being "character driven" but the final two are predominantly information and education. These are designed for advancing the awareness of cycling and cyclists through different age stages from mid childhood through to mid teens with the goal of building acceptance for the use of the bicycle as a method of day to day and life long mobility.
      Average retail price will be approximately $20 CAD and will be available through this website or through a developing network of retailers.

      Magazines are a great, consumable method of getting message out and in to people's hands. The problem.. magazines aren't that great for the environment and it costs a TON to get one off the ground. Enter.. Print on Demand Magazines. The per- unit price is pretty high but the shelf- life rocks!
      Specifically, as long as the title is listed online, it can be printed and shipped to the customer(s). This means costs such as up- front press fees, shipping, stocking, reprinting, andso many more are.. evaporated.
      Magazine Content will basically be Maxim Magazine (with nipples) for the Environmentally Negligent (?). Thus, it will contain pictorials, sensational infographics and articles geared towards an audience that is less environmentally focussed drawn in by Maxim style photo sets of both celebrities and real people.
      We'll be working to produce a magazine.. our audience can purchase the magazine online and have it printed then shipped directly to them.. if they miss an issue.. it'll be online so they can pick it up nice and easy. There will be ad placements but we will try to limit ad volume to less than 60%. All ad content fees and sticker price income will be one element of financial support for The Project as a whole.

      All printed/ bound items will be listed for sale in the "Bookshelf" (coming soon).


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Name My Boat
My boat has No Name.. and while I did cycle across the desert on a nameless bike.. I really want to have her named. Something fitting. $5 per suggestion through paypal.