Production of diverse and apellant material is super important! Putting out content~ consistently~ that will entertain and educate will keep existing and develop new audience attention towards the project. And hey.. sometimes (frequently) there will be long durations of ... nothing happening except pedalling the oceans for days/ weeks at a time.. so, it's good to have a diverse spectrum and collection/ library of already produced material that can be either used for continued audience interactivity.

Velo Rodder:
      Reinterpretation of "The Railrodder" starring Buster Keaton. While the original 1965 film is a true Canadian Classic.. re- interpreting it for todays market and audience would be a great thing. I view this film as a 'placard' promoting tourism to our shores for a Post- COVID19 world.
      • Projected Run Time: Under 45 minutes
      • 'Bonus Material:' unlimited, online.
      • Shooting is scheduled to start June 2021
      • Talent Search: starting VERY soon
      • Prior to shooting, I will be Navigating from Thunder Bay to Halifax in the Pedallo.

Momentary Hearts:
      Reinterpretation of 'The Tell Tale heart' by Edgar Allan Poe with a difference. I'm employing a time- shift as found in The Last Temptation of Christ but also delving deeper in to the two individual characters. Specifically, the Old Man will have been disfigured doing something heroic and The Nurse will be an affable and pesonable individual. The death of The Old Man still takes place, as does the dismemberment and hiding his body in the floorboards.. the rest is *speculation* left open for the viewer.

Bitter Springs:
      A Classic Western.. with Bikes.. instead of horses. The idea sprung up during coffeehouse discussions.. a movie that didn't have to have a disclaimer about animal abuse. Emerging out of those discussions is Bitter Springs, to be shot just outside of Calgary in the late spring/ early summer of 2022. ALl "horses" will be bicycles.. and in the "vision" the Poney Express would be riding a "Zipp 2001" race bike. Classic two- party divisionism with one being identified as The Bad Guys and the other being more amorphous but generally good.
      Filming will be done with a variety of handheld dSLR/ Po digital video cameras in combination with static Action Cameras (wide angle), drones, and more. Using multiple cameras will reduce the number of "takes" per shoot while still getting "the" shot (and the 'B' shot.. and the 'C' shot.. even the "still" shots).


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