Music has been my life! For as long as I can remember.. recorder in First Grade.. flute in grade 8.. percussion in grade 9.. and hitch hiking with my Mandolin across the continent.. busking in various and odd places from Coast to Coast. Even though literatue was my main gig, music was only a short second.

Music joins minds!

Musicians En Route
      I'll be inviting a collection of juried musicians on this journey.. individual performers and "groups" or Musical Acts that will be selected through a series of virally negotiated online/ mobile processes combined with hand selections. These individuals will be proferred the opportunity to take part in a "world tour" of sorts but, also.. to Record Their Album en route. They will be, predominantly, Canadian.. they will have to get To Vancouver on their own.. and they will be requested to do a certain number of hours of "GRATS" (or, free labour) so that the "staff/ crew" population can be reduced.

My Music:
      I've been a busking mandolin player for 20+ years.. but I have ALWAYS had a vision.. a sonic dream running rampant within my cranium.. an odd combination of folk stylings merged with, both, punk and industrial to create it's own unique genre I affectionately call "ecoPUNK." Inspired, somewhat, by the Canadian musician affectionately known as "Nash The Slash" I, now, see a raft gadgets and gizmos from Loopers to Fuzz- ifiers.. to samplers, vocoders, and even cool keyboards to take my electric mandolin and voice to way new heights.

My Own Music:
      • I've been writing Original Songs for decades.. I've got a whole slew that are gearing up for release.. some will be classic "folk" styled.. and I might even release a basic Folk/ Acoustic album.. but the real nitty gritty will be a collection of pieces all geared towards socio- environmental growth and change but.. with a big difference.
Covers.. reinterpretations by ME of classics/ music that has inspired me through my life.
      • I'm also going to release a whole collection of covers I'm working on right now. These covers will be dual- purposed.. Firstly, the songs will be reinterpreted in my own manner.. updated so to speak. Secondly, I will be recording videos that will inspire reinterpretation of the songs in a more environmental way..

      I am inviting known and/ or unkown musicians to reinterpret some of my works. While I hesitate to mention specific names, I am "honing in" on one specific fledgling performer that would be a "coup" .. as she is tied directly to a long standing professional musician. Thus, my "dream" would be that she would accept the challenge and a connection would be made with this other performer.. ultimately resulting in the entire family coming on the journey.
      It should be mentioned that the work figured in to the reinterpretatitons would result or include additional pieces for performance all composed by me but released only by this one person. So, her "album" would include two or three reinterpretations but several other "originals" that wouldn't be found elsewhere.


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