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[YouPIC] donated two PRO portfolios:

Upgraded for the duration of the project.
Hey Rubber Duckie..
    I think we got us a Convoy!!

    I'm going to be the First Person EVER to fully circumnavigate the globe by Human Power.. and I want YOU to come with me on the journey!

    I'm going to Pay You to Sail Around the World with me IF.. 1) You Follow My Route *generally* and keep within a realistic range of my boat for Emergency Purposes 2) Have enough space on board to provide working accomodations for Project Participants. The minimum is 2 (two).. and food will *probably* be taken care of by "The Project." I'll be trying to make the journey as awesome as possible so, it'll be good food.. and good wine.

The Core: Get Paid to Sail Around the World!
  • The number of participating boats is limited.. TBA
  • Payment(s) are Per- Boat irregardless of occupancy
  • Payment is per- month or portion thereof
  • Land Based Bonuses are calculated per- diem, full day basis
  • Boats need to have a minimum of 2 (two) available bunks for project participants
  • Project Participants agree to be Working Crew on board your vessel but they may be "green" to sailing.

Some Fun Things to Think About:
    As mentioned, I want this to be *as fun* as possible.. there will be work and sailing the world isn't an easy task but I want to make sure we all have some fun! So, not only will we be scheduling Line Crossing Ceremonies, we'll be scheduling Floatilla Parties, Land Parties.. and so much more! Some of the Project Participants *may* be musicians.. some artists.. some Art Models.. I'm extending the invitation to over 100 unique and creative individuals and they ~ all~ need bunks to lay their heads down as we, all, make our way around the world.



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