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[YouPIC] donated two PRO portfolios:

Upgraded for the duration of the project.

Former Publisher..
    pending global adventurer!

    I am going to be the first person to fully circumnavigate the globe by Human Power.. by pedal power.. and having recurring inclusion within your newsletter would be of distinct promotional/ outreach beenfit to my project.

Brief Background
    In the late 90's I published a monthly Arts and Entertainment newspaper, "The Standard Exhibit,"that was distributed throughout the Thompson- Okanagan region. It's distributional range reached from Kamloops to Osoyoos, BC with concentration in to Kelowna, BC, where it was based. While it has been quite some time since closing it's doors, my love for promoting The Arts and working/ networking with different artists/ artisans has never been far from my heart. As such, networking and promotiong the arts and artists through Ocean Cyclist was one of the original and core concepts/ interests.

    While Ocean Cyclist has been in the works for awhile, one key consideration for me was having one, centralized location of productive distribution. To this end, I recently became aware of YouPIC and the user benefits there of and~ after brief negotiations~ have been provided with 2 (two) Pro account upgrades. With this upgrade, I am able to publish not only still and video content but blog and/ or article based work. Thus, YouPIC will be my central publishing/ distributional location online.

Current Project
    As a project, Ocean Cyclist will see me become the first, ever, person to fully circumnavigate the globe by Human Power.. I am about to start the Refit phase of my boat.. taking it from a 16' two- person kayak to a 22' (approx.) Pedal Powered and Fully Enclosed boat capable of self- supported passage of an intercontinental nature. Many people have sailed around the world.. nobody has pedalled it and so I'll be The First.. and as such this project stands to maintain quantitative interactivity with an ever- growing population.

    Thus, while I have yet to publish a blog entry or newsletter on my own, both items figure prominently in my output considerations and both are items that I will be able to publish irregardless of where I am on the surface of the planet. I have already started to seek out artist submissions for Personality Profiles and I will be seeking co- operative interest from various retail entities for print newsletter distribution. Furthermore, as a publisher myself.. I am only too well aware of the scheduling requirements for output.

It would be infinitely valuable to secure consistent output through your newsletter.
    Specifically, and with full understanding of what you are soliciting, I would be most interested in discussing the possibility of being a consistent inclusion or something of a "Staff Writer" for your newsletter. Personally, I feel that this would increase attention towards your platform but, at the same time, effectively promote my project to an ever- increasing audience.

    While I do understand the volume of submissions, I also appreciate the time taken to go over this and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.
    M. Scott Ault


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