I am very well versed in "Doing things on a Budget" .. but even so, this project does have a certain cost to complete. And while I grew up in a lower- middle class family and as the youngest of three living in Hand Me Downs and previously used gear.. until I purchased my first bicycle.. a Lotus Eclair Racing/ tourer.. at 15 I had never owned a new bike that fit me to a "T" and I loved to no end. So, I'm used to seeking out the cheaper way of doing things.

Case in Point:
      The Death of Love, my graphically enhanced literary novel.. Self Published using the skills, tools, and mechanics I've learned through a lifetime of graphic design but printed using connections I discovered through overseas networking. I researched local printing and found it to be.. far, far too cost prohibitive. Also, the content doesn't lend itself well to "standard" or straight publishing houses. Thus, I was almost forced to go it alone.

The Take- Away:
      I'm NOT looking to raise billions of dollars.. and I'm not going to build a "Cutting Edge Revolutionary Pedallo." This project won't cost massive multiple millions~ in fact, the Boat Build might be completed by Spring of 2021 at a cost of less than $25,000 (and that's Canadian Currency so.. even cheaper on the Open Market).. specifically, I'm eager to Get On The Water and GO.. ASAP!!!

      So.. I'm examining a Diverse Array of Funding Options.. check them out and see what "fits" for you.. your support is greatly appreciated.


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Name My Boat
My boat has No Name.. and while I did cycle across the desert on a nameless bike.. I really want to have her named. Something fitting. $5 per suggestion through paypal.