E Commerce

      E- Commerce is.. electronic sales- to be short and sweet. I've already sourced a bunch of cool gadgets and gear items that People Want.. well, maybe not "people" in general but.. you get the idea.

      Most items are "drop shipped" from overseas suppliers.. and even during this COVID19 world, I've reached out for shipping time frame surety. But, I am also intimately connected to various artists, artisans, and hand crafing manufacturers here in Canada.. and many are offering their product(s) as e-commerce funding options where they get Wholesale plus Shipping.. and I earn the sales commission for the connection.

      Currently, I am working on the interface.. it is managed through a combination of Shopify sites allowing for both classic and cutting edge product sales. In the coming weeks, the department will be made publicly available for site members and unregistered guests alike.


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Name My Boat
My boat has No Name.. and while I did cycle across the desert on a nameless bike.. I really want to have her named. Something fitting. $5 per suggestion through paypal.