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[YouPIC] donated two PRO portfolios:

Upgraded for the duration of the project.
Are you a musical act? Wanna get paid to travel the world AND record an album?

      I'm going to go around the world by Pedal Power.. and I want to help you get your music out there.. to where people can pick it up and support YOU. Why? I'm an artist, author and musician of ill repute.. I'll be recording my own stuff en route so I figured that I'd extend the invite to Other Musicians As Well.

"Jamboree" is just a working title

      I am going to be inviting a whole slew of sailboats to join in my CONVOY around the world.. and one of the requirements for each boat to participate is that they need to be able to provide Project Participants up to three berths.. entirely around the world. So, if you'd wanna record your album as you Sail Around The World.. this is the deal..

  • You own the recording.. entirely. It's YOURS.. 100%
  • We'll fund the first pressing at a 3:1 cost recovery ratio (if our cost is determined to be 200 units, we will fund an initial pressing of 800 units.. once we sell 200u. the rest is yours to do with as you please)
  • This opportunity is open to ANY musical act from ANYWHERE so long as they are ready, willing, and able to be in Vancouver, BC for departure (TBD.. spring 2023). Full Circumnavigation is required for participation so you need to get yourself to Vancouver.. yourself.
  • You will be a "working crew" of the boat(s) on which you sail meaning.. you'll need to help out- on the boat, with production.. even musical instruction to people that are sailing with us.
  • Participate in Gigs/ Festivals around the world.. what other band can say they finished a World Tour AND released an album?!?! Oh, well.. other bands on the journey but other than tat..
  • You will need to help spread the word.. this is your job and in return for your social networking vocalism you will be offered a spot, with thanks.
  • You will be provided with a "per diem" fee during the journey so you won't be "unemployed" during the circumnavigation and you will have pocket cash when we make landfall(s).

Please Note:
      The rules and requirements may change without notice.


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