Literary Sales Funding Circumnavigation
This is my self- published novel titled "The Death of Love." It is a graphically enhanced literary work.. composed many years ago in a small town nestled within the Canadian Rockies.. and it does have it's own illustrious life tale to tell.. but I'll leave that for another day. The novel is described as a "Dark, experimental examination in to many of the various aspects of love both positive and negative carried out through literary vignettes both real and imagined." It is written in my own adjective- rich manner drawing inspiration from both the Dada- ist stream of conscious and beat generation Rhythmic movements and comes across in an entertaining, engrossing, and rather "wet" (as opposed to "dry") read.

As I am the author, photographer, designer, editor, publisher and promoter.. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book will go directly towards Ocean Cyclist and the goals of this project.


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